Synthesis Project

Networking, Communication and Transfer for Sustainable Urban-Rural Partnerships


With the BMBF-funded projects in Stadt-Land-Plus, projects located all over in Germany are developing and testing innovative approaches for the strengthening of urban-rural partner-ships and sustainable regional development. The funding activity is a part of the flagship initiative Zukunftsstadt (“Cities of the Future”). The scientific cross-sectional synthesis project facilitates the networking between the projects, supports the transfer of results and contributes to implementing sustainable development in the regions.

Goals and approach

Overarching topics are actively identified for investigation. The project initiates the ex-change of experiences between scientific, municipal and business representatives. Eco-nomic, ecologic and socially viable approaches to sustainable urban-rural partnerships, as well as the areas of conflict, will be identified based upon the results and discussions. The results will be processed for the target audi-ences of researchers and practitioners.

Expected results and transfer

The Stadt-Land-Plus research results will be gathered in such a way as to directly contribute to the German Sustainable Development Strategy and also support the achievement of the global Sustainable Development Goals of the UN Agenda 2030. The synthesis project will secure knowledge transfer through the use of user-group adapted formats for broader expert groups, politicians and other practitioners. A deeper understanding of cooperation between urban and rural areas as well as a common appreciation between scientific, municipal and business representatives will be reinforced.

Project Management / Contact

Nadine Pannicke-Prochnow
German Environment Agency
Telephone: +49 340 2103 2888

Project Profile

Funding Measure:

Project Title:
Scientific synthesis project for the funding activity “Stadt-Land-Plus”

01.10.2017 – 28.02.2023 (extension till 2025 requested)

Project Number:

Funding Amount:
2.276.678 €


Raum & Energie, Institut für Planung, Kommunikation und Prozessmanagement GmbH, Wedel/Hamburg

StadtLand GmbH, Leipzig

Twitter: @StadtLandPlus

April 2020