Resource efficient management of cultural landscapes


Over the past 30 years development of land use in the region “Leipzig-Westsachsen"   has been characterized by fundamental changes of framework conditions. The population of the city of Leipzig was shrinking until 1999 but has been growing dynamically since 2011. Reactions to these changes, which focus on legally-binding plans, are lagging behind in regards to current developments due to time-consuming and formalized procedures. Therefore, the transdisciplinary project StadtLandNavi advances integrated design concepts and processes which enable timely reactions to changing framework conditions.

Goals and approach

Researchers and practitioners develop and test a tool for regional land-use management across municipal boundaries, aiming to enhance resource-efficient planning. Its primary focus is a concept for the development of residential building sites as well as the design of cultural landscapes. A monitoring system, based on GIS-data, analyses developments of spatial relevance. This enhanced knowledge shall be used to continuously adapt planning interventions. Strategic interventions in existing regional spatial developments aim at revaluating open spaces and support the development of appropriate residential sites. The concept, tool and interventions need an advancement of cooperation between municipalities in the region for their long-term implementation which will be aimed for by the project.

Expected results and transfer

The land-use management tool enables stake-holders in city-regions to continuously adapt their planning activities to changing framework conditions. Workshops and publications aim at disseminating results in Saxony and beyond.

Project Lead / Contact

Prof. Jörg Knieling, Dr. Thomas Zimmermann
HafenCity Universität Hamburg
Urban planning and regional development
Überseeallee 16
20457 Hamburg
Telephone: +49 40 42827 4525

StadtLandNavi: Cultural landscape with a view to Leipzig © Lars Fischer
StadtLandNavi: Cultural landscape with a view to Leipzig © Lars Fischer

Project Profile

Funding Measure:

Project Cluster:
Dynamic Housing Market Regions

Project Title:
StadtLandNavi – Management of Cultural Landscape with Strategic Navigation in a Resource-Saving Way

01.08.2018 – 31.07.2023

Project Number:

Funding Amount:
2.281.837 €

- Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, Bernburg
- City of Leipzig – Departments of urban green and urban planning
- Technische Universität Dresden – landscape planning
- Regional planning association Leipzig-Westsachsen


June 2020